Monday Monster Match-Up

Monday Monster Match Up is where we pit your favourite D&D characters in an extensive popularity contest! You can use any criterion you prefer!

We’ll post the winner in the considerably extensive SRD Monster Match-Up the following Sunday at 12 PM Eastern time.

To follow along with the event, please check out our tournament bracket!

Contest rules to win a 3-month dice subscription from Libris Arcana are found in our Contest Rules page.

Round 1 – Match 1

The talkative Brass Dragon versus the basic servants of the Abyss: the Dretch.


(Photo Sources: Bronze Dragon:; Dretch: Monster Manual with background by Denniz Futalan:

Tally: 29 to 1 in favour of Brass Dragon

Match 2

The proud Veteran versus the silent Assassin


(Photo Source: Warrior: Luka Siemionov IG: @lukasz_dziegel; Assassin: Acaco DA:

Tally: 43 to 20 in favour of the Veteran

Match 3

The warhorse loyal even in undeath versus the scourge of the seas, the kraken.


(Picture credits: Skeletal Warhorse: Nicotine Tarnishment –; Kraken: Vivian Gros

Tally: 13 to 5 in favour of the Kraken

Match 4

The mischievous sprite versus the hungry swarm of quippersMMMU4.jpg

(Picture credits: * Child Costume Fairy: Froken Fokus
* Piranha Fish: Anton Darius

Tally 8 to 9 in favour of of the Swarm of Quippers

Match 5

A demon of the Abyss, the Nalfeshnee, versus the spirit protecting the forest, the Dryad.


(Picture Credits: “Darkness” by Ibrahim Boran IG: @ibrnphotography “Nalfeshnee, (Dungeons n’ Dragons 3.5)” by Hologramzx, “Dryad” by Beaver-Skin

Final Tally is 5:3 in favour of the Dryad

Match 6

The infamous Minotaur versus the Giant Poisonous Snake.


(Picture Credits: “Horned Viper” by miniformat65:; “Minotaur” by George Frederick Watts found here)

In a shut out victory, the Minotaur wins 5 to 0.

Match 7

The common wild boar versus the flesh-eating manticore.


Final tally: The Manticore beats the Boar and earns some bacon for his 5:4 win

Match 8

The demon ogre known as Oni versus the blood-sucking, Vampire


(Picture Credits: Marcus McClendon: “Scary Vampire Woman” – under the Creative Commons license; Katsushika Hokusai: “Oni pelted by beans” – ““)

Tally: It started out as a close race, but the Vampire slowly won over the ogre in the late game of 6:3.

Match 9

Now we pit the Planetar, a fiend-killing angel, against the legendary Werewolf known for it’s brutal and savage nature.


(Picture Credits: “Werewolf, Wolf, Monster” by Viergacht: ; “Angel” by Momentmal:; “City Night Dark Architecture Lamps” by PublicDomainPictures:

Tally: In a sudden jump, the Werewolf was victories (4:3)

Match 10

In our tenth match, we pit the shock troop of the Abyss, the Bearded Devil against the shock troop of Medieval Europe, the Knight.

Photo Credits under the Creative Commons License “D&D Monster Manual Inktober Day 16: Bearded Devil” by Kyle Ferrin:…/dd-monster-manual-inktober-…; “Knight James Harden Art” by Alijah Villian:

Tally: The supernatural wins out against the knights. Win goes to Bearded Devil 4 to 1!

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