Monday Monster Match-Up

There can be only one!

Monday Monster Match Up is where we pit your favourite D&D characters in an extensive popularity contest! You can use any criterion you prefer!

We’ll post the winner in the considerably extensive SRD Monster Match-Up the following Sunday at 12 PM Eastern time.

To follow along with the event, please check out our tournament bracket!

Contest rules to win a 3-month dice subscription from Libris Arcana are found in our Contest Rules page.

Round 1 – Match 1

The talkative Brass Dragon versus the basic servants of the Abyss: the Dretch.


(Photo Sources: Bronze Dragon:; Dretch: Monster Manual with background by Denniz Futalan:

Tally: 29 to 1 in favour of Brass Dragon

Match 2

The proud Veteran versus the silent Assassin


(Photo Source: Warrior: Luka Siemionov IG: @lukasz_dziegel; Assassin: Acaco DA:

Tally: 43 to 20 in favour of the Veteran

Match 3

The warhorse loyal even in undeath versus the scourge of the seas, the kraken.


(Picture credits: Skeletal Warhorse: Nicotine Tarnishment –; Kraken: Vivian Gros

Tally: 13 to 5 in favour of the Kraken

Match 4

The mischievous sprite versus the hungry swarm of quippersMMMU4.jpg

(Picture credits: * Child Costume Fairy: Froken Fokus
* Piranha Fish: Anton Darius

Tally 8 to 9 in favour of of the Swarm of Quippers

Match 5

A demon of the Abyss, the Nalfeshnee, versus the spirit protecting the forest, the Dryad.


(Picture Credits: “Darkness” by Ibrahim Boran IG: @ibrnphotography “Nalfeshnee, (Dungeons n’ Dragons 3.5)” by Hologramzx, “Dryad” by Beaver-Skin

Final Tally is 5:3 in favour of the Dryad

Match 6

The infamous Minotaur versus the Giant Poisonous Snake.


(Picture Credits: “Horned Viper” by miniformat65:; “Minotaur” by George Frederick Watts found here)

In a shut out victory, the Minotaur wins 5 to 0.

Match 7

The common wild boar versus the flesh-eating manticore.


Final tally: The Manticore beats the Boar and earns some bacon for his 5:4 win

Match 8

The demon ogre known as Oni versus the blood-sucking, Vampire


(Picture Credits: Marcus McClendon: “Scary Vampire Woman” – under the Creative Commons license; Katsushika Hokusai: “Oni pelted by beans” – ““)

Tally: It started out as a close race, but the Vampire slowly won over the ogre in the late game of 6:3.

Match 9

Now we pit the Planetar, a fiend-killing angel, against the legendary Werewolf known for it’s brutal and savage nature.


(Picture Credits: “Werewolf, Wolf, Monster” by Viergacht: ; “Angel” by Momentmal:; “City Night Dark Architecture Lamps” by PublicDomainPictures:

Tally: TBD


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