Match 11

Who is more popular? The oft forgotten Xorn or the widespread Cultist?

Picture Credits: “The Xorn” by Philip Lindberg – TW: @Gurbxz; “Cult of Fire @ Eindhoven Metal Meeting 043” by Grywnn

Tally: Despite putting up a bit of a fight, the magic of the cultist was no match the hungry Xorn beating out the Cultist 5:2..

Match 12

Coming upon a serene shoreline, you see a Scout and a Hunter Shark engaged in a popularity contest to the death. Who wins?

Photo Credits: Shark – George Despiris IG: Scout –

Hunter shark doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo. The scout didn’t even know what hit him with a 5-0 victory.

Match 13

The desert is hot. In the still desert air, you see a Tarrasque and a priest in a popularity contest to the death. Who wins?

Picture Credits: “State Priest Ancient Rome Vatican” by TeroVesalainen: ; “Tarrasque” by Steven Davis:

Your deity can’t help you against the awesome power of the Tarrasque, Priest. Tarrasque, congrats on your advancement to Round 2

Match 14

The Centaur is braiding a circlet out of willow tendrils while the Bandit Captain lies in waiting for their turn in the talent portion of the popularity contest to the death. Who will win?

Picture Credits: * Centaur – “Fantasy” by Stefan Keller:;  Bandit Captain – “Man, building, structure, and architecture” by IG: @wldvbz (

Circlet weaving wins competitions! Congratulations on advancing to the next round, Centaur!

Match 15

It’s a dark barn at twilight. From the shadows, a skeletal creature steps out of the shadows spooking the Draft Horse that is housed inside. Who wins in this popularity contest to the death?

Photo Credits: “Tormented Bone Devil” by James J Krause from 4th Point Studios: – Background image used: “abandoned barn.”

Bone Devil, you’re bone meal. Draft Horse, you are safe from the Bone Devil’s torment. Congratulations on moving to next round!

Match 16

The sneaky Cloaker is sparring against the spooky Spectre in this popularity contest to the death

Picture Credits: Cloaker –

The paranormal phantasm, the Spectre, wins this match 3-2. See you next round!

Match 17

Next up is the Roper versus the power pair of Incubus/Succubus

Photo Credit: The Incubus by Krasharkk:

Partially clad demons seemed to have out trumped tentacle monsters. Congrats, Incubus/Succubus. See you next round.

Match 18

An odd match up if ever there was one. The Giant Badger versus the terrifying Wereboar. Who will come out on top in this popularity contest to the death?

Photo Credit for Wereboar picture: “Foster Child” by filhotedeleao at…/…/Commissions-Open-473784374

Sorry, Wereboar. Ya borin’! Congratulations to the Giant Badger for being cute as heck.

Match 19

Photo Credits: “Balor” by Luvzaquez:; “Homunculus” by Erez Regev: