About Where2Game

Company Values

Gaming For All

Our primary goal is to help players find gaming locations where you feel welcome and accommodated no matter your ability level.

Gaming Research

Our passionate game team looks out for games you may enjoy and provides unbiased, reviews for the improvement of the gaming market.


Where2Game strives to bring about a more caring world through gaming.

Local Community Support

Whether you’re a gamer or a friendly, local gaming venue, we are here to help you support your gaming community.


Where2Game.org was created in May 2018 by Kevin MacLeod, a gaming enthusiast living in Hamilton, Ontario, who enjoys bringing people together to play games. Moving around from city to city, he found that with each move had a common issue – the finding of a gaming group and local gaming venue without a great deal of peer research, and Internet searching on multiple sites. Through his development as a service coordinator for an accessibility installation company, he found that he wanted to make sure that gaming spaces were accessible to all gamers – no matter their ability level.

The goal of Where2Game is simple enough. To provide a platform for gamers to easily find local gaming venues thereby increasing the business of such places so they could continue to grow and help with a burgeoning new population of gamers.