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Game Review: Escape Room – The Game

Yes, I like escape rooms. Yes, I've reviewed 3 already. Yes, you should still check this out!

Age: 16+
Playing Time: 60 min
Players: 3-5

Okay. I don’t mean to keep reviewing escape rooms, but I just love them so much. Whether it was Unlock – The Formula, Unlock – The House on the Hill, or the Stargazer’s Manor, there is a clear pattern of behaviour that I will not apologize for.

Escape rooms teach you to think laterally, solve problems, and look outside the box for answers. Every one I’ve done has been different in how to solve. I’ve heard rumours that there are ways to get them done quickly and efficiently as describe by Wilfred Laurier professor, Scott Nicholson. In attempt to sneakily control my friends, I attempted to use tips from Beat Any Escape Room from Mark Roper’s YouTube. Next time I’ll need to lay out the ground rules instead of being sneaky.

Escape Room Box
This game comes with four different scenarios. Unfortunately, they don’t have much repeatability.

The Escape Room is unlike the ones I’ve previous mentioned as it needs an external piece of hardware and uses keys supplied. As with my other escape room reviews, I won’t be showing any pieces. However, I will show you the decoder because it’s pretty awesome.

Escape Room Decoder
It checks your answers AND keeps track of how much time you don’t have. It also penalizes you for wrong answers. I love and hate the Chronodecoder.

I’ve played half the games in here, and have loved each one. I would say that this is my second favourite escape room game right after the Stargazer’s Manor if only for the coolness of the decoder.

For more information, please ask your local game venue!


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