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Terrific 13th Age Character: Race

On our first step, we take a look at the races that occur in 13th Age. It's important to note ...

Step 1: Choose a Race
Step 2: Choose a Class
Step 3: Generate Ability Scores
Step 4: Fill in Combat Stats
Step 5: Choose a Unique Trait
Step 6: Icon Relationships

On our first step, we take a look at the races that occur in 13th Age. It’s important to note that my view on the races is based on my feelings of races in the realm of fantasy role-playing games (RPGs). Per the author’s notes, these races can be shaped and changed to match the visual appearance that fits with your ideas.

Dragonic / Dragonspawn

Resembling a dragon-like humanoid, the Dragonspawn are a sight to behold and capable of a quick breath attack should the occasion call for it.


Dwarves are a clan-based hierarchy that are strong and hardy who take good care of the magical items on themselves and anyone they cross.

Elf, Dark

Cruel, dark-skinned, and brewed in the families of the world’s greatest villains, they show their quickness in their wit or reflexes.

Elf, High

Beings of light and grace who use their intelligence or force of personality to engage with the world. They’re one of the most magical beings in the realm.

Elf, Wood

While High Elves representing light, and Dark Elves representing darkness, Wood Elves represent the earthy in-between. They use their grace or perceptiveness to gain advantages over the mortal races.

Forgeborn / Dwarf-Forged

A mixture of mechanics, alchemy, and magic, the Forgeborn are constructed beings. They are strong and hardy making them excellent guardians to protect and serve.


Historically, one of my favourite races: they haven’t really changed much. They are underground dwelling, small people known for the dexterous hands and intelligent designs. They enjoy tricks and eccentricity.


While there are a few elves who mate with humans, there is also room in the backstory for half-elves serving as a connection a long past war where the Elves and Human empires fought together – their result was the Half-Elf race. As a result, they serve as ambassadors of good faith between the two races.


Representing humanity with a ting of the bestial, half-orcs are more at home where their natural talents of strength or agility are useful. Rather than being the offspring of a pairing of humans and orcs, it is actually due to the presence of orcs that breakouts of half-orcs are observed.


My second favourite race (but don’t let that tempt you on way or another). I generally like the smaller races for the different perspective they provide. They almost force you and the group into playing the characters.

Little is known about these small, sturdy, quick people. For that reason, there are a lot of thoughts on how they came to be. I’ll leave the mystery for you to think up.

Holy One/Aasimar

Touched by the gods, the Aasimar are created when the presence of the divine draws near to a population. With the divine protecting them on their course, they are truly stalwart companions.

Tiefling / Demon-Touched

Whether you see it as a curse, or a blessing, this race has an infernal heritage. This shows by having demonic elements such as forked tongues, horns, and/or prehensile tails. Whether by the situation they are forced in, those affected by this bloodline have grown stronger or more intelligent to cope with their lot in life.




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