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Making a Terrific 13th Age Character

Break free from the big d20 systems and try 13th Age!

In my role-playing game (RPG) career, I have largely played either Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). In an attempt to break out of my mould and learn a new system!

Follow me on an adventure as we learn how to make a totally, tubular 13th Age character. Click the next button below to continue to the next section or skip ahead to the next session.

Step 1: Choose a Race
Step 2: Choose a Class
Step 3: Generate Ability Scores
Step 4: Fill in Combat Stats
Step 5: Choose a Unique Trait
Step 6: Icon Relationships

For more information on 13th Age, check out Pelgrane Press or your local gaming venue!

To get started with your own character sheet, check out one from the Pelgrane forums here:





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