Game Reviews

Review: Risk (2016)

Risk is a classic board game that has been selling itself since 1957. When one of my friends asked if I wanted to play the game, I was excited and scared. While I love strategy games, I’m not strong with them and Risk is 100% strategy.

The gameplay was simple enough. The more territories you own, the more reinforcements you can pull each turn. All the while you gather Risk cards to turn in for additional reinforcements. More forces mean more forces for your enemy to defend against.

Combat is decided by matching pairs of dice highest to lowest. If the defender matches or has a higher roll than the attackers, than the attacker loses an infantry. If the attacker gets a higher roll than the defenders, the defender loses an infantry. When no defenders remain, the attacker takes over the territory.

The game can take a little bit longer with two players, but has plenty to do as the terrain changes.

For more information, please ask your local gaming venue!



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