Game Reviews

Review: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor

Players: 3 to 8
Estimated Game Time: 90 min to 2 hours
Recommend Ages: 10+

I love a good escape room. The only thing I like more is a great escape room. This game falls under the latter for the sheer quality they put into there games.

The story unfolds that you’re a caretaker for an astronomer’s mansion when he unexpectedly lets you and the cook go. You return with some concerned townsfolk to help you discover the mysterious sounds and smells coming from the mansion.

This game features a decoder ring style turn system that you use to open envelopes. These envelopes help you progress through the adventure. Each box comes with recommendations on background music, invitations, and the like so you can make a night of the adventure.

Out of the escape rooms that we have played so far, this comes the closest to being an escape room without having to pay admission to pay for one.



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