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Game Review: Star Fluxx

Age: 8+
Playing time: 10 min
Players: 2 to 6

Scotty, I am your father now beam me up and make it so. You may find this and other science-fiction (Sci-Fi) goodness in this small unassuming card game.

The Fluxx series is an ever changing game where you control the victory conditions. The most common victory is matching up assets you’ve collected through the game with goal cards you can play in your hands. How do you do that? By laying down a number of cards that make you win without playing cards that let your opponents win.

This is one of those games that has to be played to truly understood. There are so many different options of rules that it’s easier for any visual learners to see and hear. This game does involve a lot of reading so I’d recommend it for strong readers. If you’re not, it will certainly give you practice!

Star Fluxx box
A very worn case of Star Fluxx

The starting rules for the game are simple. Draw 1 card, and play 1 card. As you play on, you’ll have opportunities to tweak the game, add rules, change the number of cards drawn, or played, change the goal of the game, or remove cards that stop you from winning (called Creepers).

Fluxx cards
An example of some of the cards in Star Flux. The cute fuzzy alien creature is one of my favourites.

This is another quick game that can go quickly with a small number of players. Perfect for convention wait times, killing time between flights, or wanting to frustrate your friends while humming about it just being a game.


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