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Game Review: Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards

Cue the heavy metal soundtrack, because this game will rock your world!

Ages: 15+
Playing time: 30 min
# of players: 2-6

Do you love the idea of being a powerful wizard with the ability to channel the cosmos? Do you love magic, but think that Harry Potter just simply doesn’t have enough blood and gore? Welcome to the magical world of Mt. Skullzfyre where mages duel to the death. Cue the heavy metal soundtrack, because this game will rock your world!

Box cover of Epic Spell Wars
Creating some gnarly and epic spell wars on the box art

The art of this game is reminiscent of old heavy metal albums and features dark themes not suitable for younger children. There is one particular card called Gorenado which is a tornado of gory-bits. Super cool to cast on your opponents, but not cool if you don’t want to see bodies with entrails being whipped around by supernatural energy.

The game play is simple enough to pick up on. Basically there are three different types of cards you can play: source, delivery, or quality cards. You can play any combination of these three without duplicating a card type. For example, you can play a source card by itself, play a source card with a delivery, or play all three, but couldn’t play two source cards. The wizard with the highest initiative (a note on the cards) goes first and then chaos ensues.

ESW Card Example
An example of a source, quality, and delivery card

Game play continues until one wizard is the last wizard standing. This repeats until someone wins 3 rounds.

This is one of my favourite games to play while people show up for the game. People can be added easily in between rounds. Great for something short to play.


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