Game Reviews

Game Review: Bears Versus Babies

Age: 14+
# of Players: 2 to 6 players
Game Length: 20 minutes

From the makers of Exploding Kittens comes Bears vs. Babies. Babies may seem cute and innocent, but in their core is a desire to ruin all humanity. Their ceaseless crying has driven humanity to manufacture all sorts of monsters in order to preserve themselves.

Bears vs. Babies is a card laying game where it’s up to you to create random and zany monsters to defend against the Baby armies that will be coming up against you by way of land, air, and sea. Play involves drawing or laying cards. If you get a card that with “baby” written anywhere on it, you place it into the appropriate legion. Once you feel you are strong enough, or you fear your opponent is getting too powerful, you can provoke one of the baby armies into a fight. If the sum of your monster is greater than their sum, the highest power army eats the babies for points. If the sum of the babies’ army is greater, than the monsters have been defeated and all corresponding armies are destroyed.

The combinations for this game are truly odd, but fit well with the storyline. It also comes with cards that are not safe for work (NSFW) that certainly ramp this game up to the 18+ plus crowd.

Great for killing time, I’d make this a play at least once to see how your Mantis Shrimp with fire coming out of nipples can handle the Sea Baby Army. (I strongly suggest the party hat.)

For more information or to purchase, please see your local gaming venue!


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