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Top 5 Games to Play on Father’s Day

When I was growing up, there was nothing more exciting than playing games with my Dad. I can remember the excitement when he would say yes and the mad scramble to list what games we could play. Perhaps you’re at a loss for what games to play, or are looking for last minute gift ideas. Whatever the case, these are the games I’d recommend to have a wonderful Father’s Day in 2018.

1. Mice & Mystics

Mice & Mystics was introduced to me by Tabletop and blew me away with how simple of an introduction to tabletop roleplaying games it is. If you have a father who is looking to develop a new generation of roleplayers, this would be my recommendation. The game controls the enemies through a set of rules which means that everyone can play to work together on your given scenario.

Full review here: Mice & Mystics.

2. Takenoko

A competitive bamboo growing game where you have to tend your bamboo garden and avoid the ravenous panda? This is a cute game that can appeal to a wide audience and doesn’t take too long to play. Plus, the panda is adorable with his hunger for more bamboo.

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3. Star Trek Catan

This resource generating game is one of my nemeses. It is addictive and very easy to learn, but can take a while to master. For that reason, I often lose. With that said, this is a fun game and this variation is a refreshing change to the original board and adds some exciting new elements such as personae. This game would be great for the strategist in your life who enjoys boldly going where no one has gone before.

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4. Dragon Slayer

If you’ve already got a full day but still want to squeeze in a game, try Dragon Slayer. It’s a dice-based game where you press your luck to slay more dragons without being knocked out. The rules are simple to learn for all ages and a game can take as little as 20 min. Would highly recommend for any time you need a quick game while waiting for other gaming partners to arrive.

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5. Dungeons and Dragons – Fifth Edition

If you have a thirst for adventure and 3-5 hours to spare, play some Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). To say this is one of my all-time favourite games is an understatement. I’m practically obsessed. This is a game that needs some preparation, but can be started easily with free basic rules on the Wizards website.

In D&D, it’s a tabletop roleplaying game where players control special heroes called player characters (PCs), and one player acts as a game master called a Dungeon Master (DM) who controls every other character. What happens next is up to the DM who tells a story with the PCs’ actions guiding the story.

Perfect for anyone who enjoys roleplaying, slaying monsters, levelling, and has a love of fantasy.

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