Game Reviews

Game Review: Over|Under

# of Players: 2+
Time: Approximately 30 minutes

While in Terra, the purpose of the game was to approximate using a series of scales and geography. Over-Under takes a different approach by simplifying down to whether a given number provided by a card is either over or understated. It’s like a less thought intensive trivia game. This is understandable given that this is also a drinking game.

Picture of the box of Over Under played at the Mancala Monk board game cafe
Over Under board game

I’ve struggled a little bit on whether to review this because there are so many brilliant games out there that we could review. Of the three that we reviewed at Mancala Monk, this one was my least favourite. It wasn’t because of the drinking elements (we were sipping on water, tea, and soda – #partyanimals), but the game’s premise just never really spoke to me.


Board game view of Over Under played at the Mancala Monk board game cafe
Over Under board game layout

A round goes something like this. The active player’s turn rolls a die. On the die there are four colours, ‘+2’, and ‘-2’. If you roll a +2, you move ahead on the board 2 squares, the inverse if you roll a -2. If you roll a colour, the player reads a card to the other player(s). The box has a good example of how it goes: “Over under on the longest ear hair ever grown. The line is 3 inches.” The opposite players not make votes using tokens on whether they think the answer is over three inches or under three inches. Their level of certainty is also added to the token (1 is the lowest level of certainty, and 5 is the highest). If you are right, then you move that number of squares forward along the board. If you are wrong, you move back that number of squares.

Our game took us about half an hour with three players.

This game is great for gaining a bit of knowledge, having a few laughs, and is great for larger groups such as classrooms (less the drinking) or a BBQ in your backyard on a sunny day.


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