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Game Review: Fortune and Glory

Where2Game reviews Mancala Monk

Players: 1-8
Age: 12+
Playing time: 60-180 minutes

Grab your news cap, and put on your best old timey news golden voice because Fortune and Glory will launch you into the pulp adventure of your dreams as you battle to find relics, fight Nazis, and unearth tombs to gather the most fortune and glory.

Fortune and Glory pulp fiction game played at Mancala Monk board gaming cafe
Fortune and Glory cover from

I originally saw this played on Tabletop a long while ago and I knew I had to play it. My love of character voicing meant that I could bring this game to the next level. Pair into this my love of antiquities, mythology, and Indiana Jones, and you get a fanboy of epic proportions.

The game has two modes to play: cooperative and competitive. Our review will focus on a two-player competitive game using quick start rules.

My partner and I randomly picked our characters and it was the Russian scientist against a New York journalist. From the get go, it had a story of epic proportions. Communist versus Democracy, Science versus Art, Man versus Woman, there were plenty of themes that made this an epic confrontation.

An image of some of the pieces in Fortune and Glory played at the Mancala Monk board game cafe
Fortune and Glory near the end of our game.

As we got started, there was a lot of rules looking up, but it felt light and fun the more we played. Even my partner who doesn’t enjoy strategy loved the narrative that this game provided. Most adventures have a bit of chance to them, so the dice rolling felt exciting to see if we would end of a cliffhanger or continue throughout our adventure.

With lots of cards, tokens, dice, and miniatures, this game is huge. The box itself had considerable heft and is bursting out the seams with fun. I am definitely putting this on my must have list.


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