Game Reviews

Game Review: Tsuro of the Seas

Diving into dragon based game Tsuro of the Seas

Players: 2-8

Time: 40 min

Ages: 8+

Full disclosure: I love dragons. They are powerful, animalistic, masters of their element. They come in so many flavours and lores! It’s one of the reasons I was excited to be a Dungeon Master. I could be a dragon! Tsuro gives you a chance to be a dragon AND a sailor trying to brave the blustery seas avoiding said dragons.

While this game revolves around strategy, there is also a luck component that you need to incorporate that was not present in its predecessor: Tsuro. The dragons (daikaiju) activate whenever a roll of 6, 7, 8 on two six-sided dice and perform. These are very common rolls, so there’s plenty of dragon dodging. After the dragons activate, you play a wake tile to move your wake riding sailor (I call mine Link) along to the edge.

Easy to learn, and easy to love. I highly recommend this game. I could easily have played this all day!


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