Game Reviews

Game Review: Phantom Society

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 20 min
Age: 8+

One of the first ghosts I saw in my formative years was the green ghost from Ghostbusters known as Slimer. He was was the right mixture of paranormal, humour, and horror. With his destruction of the Sedgewick Hotel, Slimer would fit right into the game of The Phantom Society by Funforge. This strategy-deduction game is best with four players: two control a pair of ghosts and the other two are daring ghost hunters set to rid the distillery of its unwanted guests.

Players take turns destroying rooms: the ghosts aim to throw off the ghost hunters by destroying rooms worth a monetary value measured in Great Britain Pounds (£). The monster hunters use logic and teamwork to destroy the rooms the ghosts haunt. If they destroy a room that the ghost isn’t in, then they’ve inadvertently helped the ghosts in destroying the home. The game is over once the ghost hunters have rid the house of ghosts or the ghosts rack up £45,000 in damages.

This game is very easy to learn and set up. I would highly recommend it for children and adults of all ages because it incorporates not only strategy during setup, but also a bit of social deception while playing.


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