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Game Review: Unspeakable Words

Kevin reviews Unspeakable Words - a Lovecraft word game

Players: 2-8
Time: 30 min
Recommend Ages: 10 to Adult

One of my favourite things in life is getting together with family and playing word games. I’ve always loved learning new words and finding new ways to use them. Enter in Unspeakable Words – an adaptation of Scrabble using cards with delightfully cartoonish Lovecraftian entities.

Image result for unspeakable things board game

The premise is simple. Get to 100 points and don’t let the Elder gods drive you insane in the process. You have 5 totems to Cthulu that protect your brain from the incomprehensibility of rival Elder gods. When you make a word from the seven letters in your hand, you must roll a twenty-sided die (d20) and roll equal to or higher than your score. Scoring is determined by how many angles are on each letter and is denoted in the corner of the card for easy reference.

My favourite part of the game? When you have one totem remaining, the threads of your sanity are loose enough that you can play any combination of letters to make a word. As the rules imply, madness can make you believe anything is a word.

The glow-in-the-dark tokens and die, and the love of words would make this a must-buy for me. Can’t wait to play this with the family at our next function!

Check out your local gaming store for availability.


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