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Location Review: Gameopolis


223 King St E, Hamilton, ON L8N 1B3 | 289-396-5917
Gaming Cafe

Entrance to Gameopolis including their seasonal patio

Rating ♟♟♟


Rating Breakdown

Cost to Play ♟♟♟♟♟ Accessibility ♟_ _ _ _  Atmosphere ♟♟♟♟_

Menu Cost ♟♟♟♟_   Parking ♟♟♟_ _ Community ♟♟♟_ _

Reservations taken? Bookable by phone or by email

Claim to Fame

Opening up their space in 2013, they were Hamilton’s first board game cafe and know their business  and customers well.


A look at their bump-out patio

The aesthetic is simple, modern, and works for the space. The cost of admission is reasonable at $5 for unlimited play. It’s great for lazy days and statutory holidays where nothing else is open (even some other board game cafes).

Nestled in the heart of downtown Hamilton at King & Ferguson, this charming location has parking available on the street with paid parking nearby.

It has earned repeat visits by providing great tasting food and drink along with wonderful customer service. On our most recent visit, we ordered their soft, salted pretzels which are too good not to share. The cinnamon popcorn is a low calorie treat that was refreshing without being heavy, and the hummus with pita slices was tastefully prepared to delight the senses. I’m usually a picky eater, but I have loved everything they have brought out.

They have a strong selection of well-kept games that line the cafe’s wall. There are so many games that my partner and I almost suffered from choice paralysis! There are well-known classics like Risk, Boggle, and several flavours of Catan, as well as new, fun games to whet your sense of adventure.

I would not be surprised if someone told me there were 1000+ games in here.

My one concern for Gameopolis is the difficulty that customers with accessibility issues would have visiting the café. Neither the bathroom nor the front door have accessibility buttons which can make it hard just to get into the front door let alone stay longer. I would love to give this amazing lounge a higher score, but this is something that would need to change.


The community spirit is well and alive in Gameopolis. They have social nights for all members of the community including LGBT nights. With that said, they do not host Magic or Dungeons and Dragon’s (D&D) Adventurer’s League. This allows plenty of space to come and enjoy their board games, but you won’t find them on the Wizards of the Coast website. They also aim to bring people together with a forum on their website – but it is not truly in use for the last 3 months and contains only two posts making it easier to find the post you’re looking for.

Would highly recommend this lounge and look forward to seeing them grow and develop.

One last look….



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