RPG Etiquette: RPG Social Constructs

A synopsis of Seth Skorkowsky's RPG Social Contract and an introduction to the new series presented by Where2Game on gaming etiquette.
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I was once told that the irony of role-playing games (RPGs) is that they were often played by socially awkward people who needed friends to play. While I disdain the stereotype that anyone who plays RPGs are for recluses, the biggest issue I’ve had while arranging games has been dealing with the social situations that gaming provides. My hope is that with the series on etiquette and navigating social situations will improve the quality of your gaming, make gaming groups more navigable, and overall have more fun!

Overall arching concepts can be hard to nail down, but I’ve recently watched a good video that fairly sets up how to run a great co-operative game like Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), Pathfinder, or Shadowrun. The RPG Social Contract (Revisited) by Seth Skorkowsky.

Seth is a fantasy author and long-time gamer. His well-spoken philosophies on RPGs are valuable to running a longer campaigns. The video above focuses on the relationships between game masters (GMs) and players. Specifically what good players look like (yes, the GM is just a specialized player). While the video is a great view, not every one has 20 minutes to spare so I’ve made a specialized info-graphic for quicker consumption.


As I delve into this series, I’d love to know what social faux pas you have seen at your games? Maybe if it’s something that you’ve never encountered and you want some advice on? Contact me or comment below!


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